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Neighborhood Water and Sewer Improvements


Working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

Construction Hours

  • ​Estimated completion: July 19, 2024

  • Estimated project completed: 70%

Construction Timeline

  • E. 17th Street: From Ponderosa St. to CA-55 FWY

  • Deodar Street: From 17th St. to E. Avalon Ave.

  • Medford Avenue: From Deodar St. to Pasadena St.

  • Pasadena Street: From Medford Ave. to Cul-de-Sac


Project Plans

  • Local vehicular and pedestrian access, including access to driveways and businesses, will be maintained at all times.

What to Expect During Construction

Construction Progress Update:


  • Thank you for your consideration as we work to expand services in your community.

  • This week:

    • We continued concrete work along Deodar St.

  • Next week: 

    • We will finish concrete work.

    • Disinfect and test the new water main. 


This project seeks to connect water and sewer services to the neighborhood located northeast of the intersection of 17th Street and Tustin Avenue. The City of Santa Ana Public Works Agency Water Resources Division currently provides sanitary sewer service to some of the parcels within the annexed area, but many of the parcels are on septic systems. The City of Tustin currently provides water to all the parcels on the annexed area.


This project will expand the water and sewer system in the public right of way to provide Santa Ana water and sewer services to residents. The improvements include a new polyvinyl chloride (PVC) water main, fire hydrants, water services, new PVC sewer main, sewer laterals, appurtenances, asphalt concrete pavement, speed cushions, and minor concrete work. 


  • Construction of approximately 660 linear feet of sewer main, 29 sewer laterals and 4 manholes.

  • Construction of approximately 2,250 linear feet of Water Main, 53 Services, 4 Gate Valves and 8 Fire Hydrants.

  • Repaving the entire street within the project limits.

  • Installation of Speed Cushions at Deodar Street

Stay Informed 

Contact us: 

Construction Manager:

Miguel Martinez (714) 647-5027   |


Michelle Micallef (714) 647-5091 |

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