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Washington Well


Working hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

During drilling activities, there will be periods of a continuous 24-hour operation. 

Construction Hours

  • Estimated completion August 2024

Construction Timeline

  • 651-657 E. Washington Avenue (the northwest corner of intersection of Washington Avenue and Penn Way)


Construction Progress Update

  • 2/27/2024 - Well sound wall construction completed

  • 2/29/2024 - Well conductor casing installed

  • 3/8/2024 - Well drilling effort started

  • 3/22/24- Well pilot hole drilling completed 

  • 3/25/24- Water quality zone testing started 

  • 4/02/2024 – Water quality zone testing in progress. Anticipated to be complete by 4/08/2024.

We’re constructing a new deep municipal water well to better serve the residents of the City of Santa Ana. The new water well will be built within the City's existing property at 651-657 E. Washington Avenue and will optimize our capacity to deliver outstanding water services to you.

What we're doing: 

  • Constructing a well with a desired water flow capacity of 2,500 gpm

  • Installing sound walls

  • Drilling boreholes

  • Conducting geophysical surveys

  • Conducting water quality testing

  • Installing blank and louvered casings 

  • Installing well accessory tubes


  • Noise

    • Drilling (continuous 24-hour operation) ​

    • Sound walls will be installed to minimize noise disturbances to the surrounding neighborhood. 

  • Visual Impacts

    • During the well-drilling effort, 24-foot sound walls will be installed around the perimeter of the facility. 

What to Expect During Construction

Stay Informed 

Contact us: 

Construction Manager and Outreach

James Burk I I 714-647-3315

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