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E. Avalon Ave. Water Main Improvements


- Street may be restricted.

- Increased truck and construction traffic.

- Noise, dust and vibrations.

- Access to driveways will remain available (Prior notice will be provided if access will be restricted). 

- Signs will be posted if any temporary parking restrictions are necessary.

- Pedestrian access will be available.

What to Expect During Construction

Construction Progress Update

02/16/2024: Water main pipe has been installed along Avalon Avenue. Temporary paving has been placed over the trench. 

02/23/2024: Fire hydrants installed along Avalon Avenue.

03/01/2024: The water main pipe along E. Avalon Avenue has been tested and disinfected. 

03/08/2024: New water main pipe along Avalon Avenue has been connected to the City's water distribution system at Santiago Street and the old water main pipe has been disconnected. Water service is now provided from the new water main to each home. 

03/15/2024-New water main pipe along Avalon Avenue has been connected to the City's water distribution system at Lincoln Avenue. The water main construction is now complete and the old water main is no longer in service. Trench repairs along E. Avalon Avenue have been completed.


03/22/2024- Concrete repairs have been made at Lincoln Avenue

3/29/2024- Repairs of sewer laterals along Avalon Avenue have begun

4/5/2024- Sewer lateral repairs along Avalon Avenue continue. 

4/12/2024- Continued efforts to repair sewer laterals along Avalon Avenue. 

4/19/2024- Finished installing all sewer laterals and sidewalks repairs. 

4/26/2024- Completed lawn repairs at sewer lateral locations. 

5/3/2024- New pavement has been completed along Avalon Avenue and at project intersections.

5/30/2024-Removal of old concrete around sewer manholes.

-Construction of new concrete work around sewer manholes and water valves along Avalon Avenue and at the intersections of Santiago St and Lincoln Ave.


6/7/24- Finished the construction of concrete collars around sewer manholes and water valves. 

Construction has been completed. 


The mainline water pipe on E. Avalon Ave. is deteriorating at an unexpectedly accelerated rate. To mitigate community impacts, the City has repaired compromised pipe sections to immediately address the issues.


The City is now taking action to replace the entire pipeline, ensuring a reliable and efficient water system for the community.


E. Avalon Avenue, Santa Ana CA (see map below for details). 

Construction Timeline

Expected Completion: June 7, 2024

Estimated Project Completed: 100

Construction Hours

8:00AM - 5:00PM

Stay Informed 

Construction Manager

Jaime Arias (714) 647-3318 |

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Water Main improvements will take place on E. Avalon Avenue, between Santiago Street and Lincoln Avenue. 

Project Location Map

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